In this page we will be updating all know free data sources links:


Name Link Description
Yahoo Historical Prices for Equities, ETFs, indexes, forex
Google Historical Prices for Equities, ETFs, indexes, forex
OECD.Stats World Macroeconomic Data
Federal Reserve Bond data (interest rates and prices)
Russell Indices Russell Indices data related
Census Bureau Census Data
Bonds Online Bonds Data
US Department of the Treasury US Treasury yield
Bureau of Labour Statistics Macroeconomic US Statistics
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Macroeconomic Statistics
US Social Security US Social Security Data
US Securities and Exchange Comission US Equity Data
Economagic Economics Data
Forecasts Forecasts for all economics data by an independent organization based in artificial intelligence
Oanda Forex historical prices
Dukascopy Forex historical prices
IVolatility Options Volatility Data
Option Metrics Options Data
LiveVol Options Data
Historical Option Data Options Data
CME Futures Data
Quandl Data Sources Search Engine. It offers Python Library
Theice Commodities data
Eoddata End of Day Data